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“Educational tool in the form of a mobile application and a web platform using the application of the gamification model, machine learning and data science”

UE Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego Fundusze Europejskie Inteligentny Rozwoj Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju RP

The project is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund’s Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, Action 1.2 sector R&D programme GAMEINN.

Goal: The main objective of the R & D project is to create an educational tool in the form of a mobile application and an integrated web platform functioning on the basis of the model of gamification and competition as well as profiling, recommending and individualizing the content used in education.

Project ID: POIR.01.02.00-00-0044/19

1. Project value: 15 887 052,92 PLN

2. European fund’s contribution: 11 434 457,38 PLN

Effects: Educational tool will be addressed to clients for whom the possibilities of current solutions are insufficient in terms of the effectiveness of the educational process.

Currently there are no examples of efficient use of gamification and competition between the users in the mobile educational platform market. Available solutions either don’t use gamification and competition in their functional models, or use them facultatively without making sure the user is aware of the positive effects those elements can have on the results of the learning process.

An important element of the solution is to apply gamification solutions and individual content profiling in the educational process.

The full use of the potential of using gamification in the educational process in the applicant's tool will be possible thanks to the use of automatic prediction of the type of competition that has been adopted, which among the available types will have the strongest impact on the level of motivation of the indicated user.

The tool will not only provide a affordable and convenient mobile form of learning and personal development. It will also be useful as a tool for analising the preferencess of different users in learning process that will personalise the form of educational content presentation.

The result of the project will be implemented into the company's operations.